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Event, Party and Corporate Entertainment Yacht Charter - celebrate on a yacht!Yachts are synonomous with luxury, success and class, and provide excellent intimacy and privacy for important corporate meetings. For these reasons, virtually nothing is more memorable and impressive than an event held on a private luxury yacht, complete with attentive crew, 5 Star catering and event facilities. Meetings go better, clients feel special, and staff feel truly rewarded on a yacht!

Events fall into the categories of Static Charters (where the yacht is docked throughout a show, such as MIPIM in Cannes), Events (such as the Monaco Grand Prix and America's Cup), and Corporate Meetings or Rewards Events.

About Static Charters. Static event charters are very popular where the event hall is adjacent to the port, so that the yachts become extensions to the show (and often the most desirable place to have a meeting!) Perhaps the best example of this is in Cannes, where dozens of shows each year combine their meetings with static yacht charters. The Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM, MIDEM, etc. all have an impressive lineup of gorgeous charter yachts, with the sponsor's branding prominenently displayed. Event charters are often the most cost effective means of entertaining your best clients. See further information on Static Luxury Yacht Charters

About Event Charters. Chartering for an event that is near a port is a time honored way of seeing the event up close and entertaining clients at the same time. Popular Event Charters include Formula One races in Monaco, Valencia and Singapore, World Cup events, Super Bowls, etc. For any event that is near water we can normally find a yacht to suit your needs! The added benefit is that people can sleep aboard, so that your entertainment is combined with your accommodation needs at the event. Can you think of a better way of attending the next big event? See further information on Event Yacht Charters.

If you're interested in planning an Event in Cannes, such as the Cannes Film Festival, MIPIM or MIPCOM, see our Cannes Corporate Events article and yacht listings.

About Corporate Entertainment Charters. What better way to reward your best employees or customers than on a yacht? Yachts emanate the feeling of class, and combine fun with personal interaction. These charters can range from a classic sailing yacht to a superyacht, and everything in between, depending on your needs. One favorite of ours is to set up a classic sailing race course, and have two teams race each other. This is the true definition of team building, and don't worry, we can make sure that the boss or top customer is on the winning boat ;-) See further information on Corporate Entertainment and Team Building Yacht Charters.

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